Monthly Archives: July 2008

Mirror Play with Babies

Starting around 3 or 4 months old, I used to sit J in my lap in front of a full length mirror.  He loved looking at the other adorable baby in the mirror.  We sangs songs in front of the mirror, practiced hand motions, and we played with simply rotating toys.  He liked to watch both the toy itself moving, but also the toy in the mirror.

Around the same time, I learned to lean a mirror on against a wall and lay J down next to it.  When left to his own devices, he just chattered away to his new friend in the mirror.  This kept him content long enough for me to mop the floor/cook dinner/iron.

The Jumperoo is worth it!

I started putting J in a  jumperoo at 3 months old.  Of course, he didn’t jump at that age, but he looked at the toys around him and tried batting at them.  I like changing his position throughout his waketime to help develop different muscles.  It also helps them from getting flat heads from spending so much time laying or leaning back (as in a cradle or swing). 

Jumperoo at 3 months