Monthly Archives: September 2008

Tug of War for Babies

Obviously you won’t be playing this game with a huge mud pit in front of your little one!

Just about the age when J started sitting up on his own, I started playing this game with him.  It helps them develop better balance and stronger back and stomach muscles so that they don’t teeter over at every gust of wind (or when you just walk by them!).

J and I sat next to each other and I would get him to grasp onto a scarf, towel, shirt, blanket (anything I had nearby!).  I would grab the other end and pull every so slightly.  My resistance was really really light at first.  I didn’t want him to let go of the scarf, but wanted to show him how fun it was when he kept his grasp.  It didn’t take him too long to realize it was a game and to hold on!  If I pulled too much, of course he would  teeter over.  The goal in this tug of war is not really to make them fall over.  You have to find that sweet spot where they keep playing but are also getting a work out and improving their balance.  As time went on I could  increase my resistance because he was getting stronger. 

Baby games are simple, but I found it was nice to “spice up” our day with things like this! 

Age attempted:  around 5 months