Monthly Archives: December 2008

Homemade Toy: Fabric Colors and Texture Box for Babies

I gathered a collection of fabric swatches with vibrant colors and a wide range of textures, stuffed them in a wipee box and let J at it.  We could talk about the different textures/colors as he pulled them out or he could just have fun emptying and filling the box. 

Age? Started around 8 months

Try Again?  This was just a toy always available to him for a few months; It probably lost it’s intrigue after a few months

Music Time with Babies

J has ALWAYS loved music.  I swear he could kick on beat in the womb.  Daddy used to sing “Jesus Loves Me” to him when I was pregnant and he would dance around inside me.  After he was born, he was crying while the nurses worked on him and daddy started singing “Jesus Loves Me” and he stilled right away.  He knew the voice and likely he knew the song. 

We have always had some type of music time, whether singing to J, playing the guitar/piano for him, or playing a CD/Youtube song for him.  For the first few months, he mostly like acoustic music and lyrics really weren’t necessary.  Starting at 2 months, he began singing a long with us (his favorite was “Moon River”). 

Playing the guitar at 8 months