Homemade Toy: Egg Cartons

I started this activity with J at 13 months.  I gave him a bowl of plastic eggs and the empty egg carton and let him try to fill each space.  He loved it.  It was a great motor skills activity.  Eventually I added corks to the mix.  He would put the corks inside the eggs, take them out, put them in the empty spaces of the egg carton,…  You could use puffs or marbles instead of the corks.

Age:  J started aroun 12 or 13 months; If I made it more advanced, he would still play with this today.

Try Again?  I used this activity once a week (maybe every 2 weeks) until around 17 months.  I could now have him sort colors using the same materials to make it more challenging.

**ETA: Find more plastic egg activities here.


7 responses to “Homemade Toy: Egg Cartons

  1. A great activity idea and perfect for Easter!


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  3. Definitely gonna do this—thanks so much!

  4. Wouldn’t that be a choking hazard risk (couldn’t he have swallowed the cork or marble)? :O And if he ate the puff, then that would defeat the purpose of the game as well. But I love the rest of it (the color coordinating and motor skills). I hope I did not anger you by this comment. I tried to say something positive at the end to as not to discourage you. 🙂

    • I’m not discouraged 🙂 Yes, the smaller items would be a choking hazard. I would’ve never given him this activity without my full attention. J was rarely one to try and eat things anyway. His dad taught him that one and did a great job at it! I was able to do lots of activities with him that my next little one might not be able to handle until much older. Time will tell. Know your child and do only what they can handle. It won’t be any fun, if the activity is not within their range of abilities.

  5. You could use crackers or cereal if you’re worried about choking and/or eating. Can’t wait to try this. Too bad I can’t find eggs now!

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