Sidewalk Chalk, A Helpful Parenting Tool

Mondays are designated sidewalk chalk day in our house.  I’m always sure to draw all of that weeks lessons around the driveway so that I can easily review the lessons each time we go outside during the remainder of the week.  J is also quick to point out the new lessons to me!  He gets really excited to see the letter G or the triangles when we go outside.  

I’ve also determined that sidewalk chalk is a great parenting tool.  Our drawings help keep J where I want him. For example, if I’m carrying a big load of laundry for the cleaners, I can tell J to go stand in the circle/on the plane/on the letter H and wait for me.  I found those instructions are much more clear than “stand by the car” or “stay close to mommy”.   You could draw stars or a big stop sign when teaching them where they cannot cross without holding a parent’s hand or at least having their attention.  Of course sidewalk chalk will disappear with time… or rain…  but the initial lesson can stick with them.  I am surprised to discover what J remembers… that the little heart used to be in this corner of the driveway or Daddy’s schoolbus drawing was on this part of the sidewalk.  Oh to have that kind of memory now!!

During the winter, we’ll often use painter’s tape on the kitchen floor, put up posters, or window stickers to review the weekly lessons.  This also helps, but sidewalk chalk is still my first choice.  It takes little effort and something about it being outside makes it special!  I think because the painter’s tape is on the kitchen floor and we’re in or around the kitchen practically all day, the novelty wears off.  The chalk pictures outside keep their novelty longer.

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