Finger Painting

J’s first experience with true finger painting was at 16 months at a cousin’s birthday party.  My sister-in-law actually had a great idea, she taped a piece of art paper onto an outside fence.  She had them labelled, one for each child attending the party and a paper plate with finger paint set out by each outdoor easel. 

If it had not been for the party, finger painting would have waited until he was older.  Dad was supervising close by (to keep the paint on the paper and not in the mouth).  We did still end up with fingerpaint all over his nice shorts, but fortunately it did all wash out. 

16 months

**I found this picture a little funny.  It looks like my 16 month old is an artistic prodegy!!  If truth be told, Dad (hiding from the camera) got a head start on the finger painting.  J is just about to add his personal touch to Daddy’s tree.

Age attempted: 16 months

Try Again? Of course, but not until he’s older (since it is messy!)


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