Tearing Paper

Sounds simple, huh?  I was surprised this wasn’t as easy for J as I thought.  I layed out a piece a construction paper (the color of the day was orange) and an empty tupperware. I thought this would be an activity he could do mostly on his own, but I was wrong.  I had to get the tear started.  The act of pulling each side separate directions is a motor skill I hadn’t anticipated being so difficult for him.  It probably didn’t help that J really doesn’t like creating messes (though he has his moments I guess!).  I think the most enjoyable part of this activity was moving the torn pieces in and out of the tupperware! 

Later that afternoon for “art time” we glued the pieces on some white paper to create an orange collage.  Using contact paper would’ve worked better.  I don’t quite have a good strategy for teaching glue usage yet!

16 months

Age attempted: 16 months, for J this was difficult

Teachable moments:  Motor skills, color orange, how to use glue (Don’t you all wish the lesson of the day included learning the color orange, learning to tear paper, and learning to use glue!)

Try Again?  I’ll probably wait till he’s a little older


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