Connect Four

I started rummaging through each room in our house, on the search for potential activities for J.  I came across the game Connect Four and knew J would love it.  He loves any form of the “In and Out” game!  It also happened to coincide with our circle week, so the circle-shaped chips would be another opportunity to reinforce our shape of the week. 

At 16 months, he wasn’t ready to play the games per the rules, but learning to fit each tile into the slots was a good challenge.  He loved it and still does (at 21 months).  Once he was able to easily manipulate the tiles where he wanted them, we started working on placing all the black tiles on one side and the red tiles on the other, alternating black and red rows, counting tiles as he places them into the slots, etc. 

This game really is a great learning tool from a very early age.  I invision being able to reinforce patterns through this too and of course eventually learn to play the game as intended.

Btw, the tiles can be used alone as an easy option for matching colors.  Just have two bowls and let them separate the colors. 

J at 16 months

Age: J started at 16 months and still “plays” Connect Four at 21 months. 

Try Again?  Yes; I did learn that this is easier played on the floor where J can sit up on his knees to see the top of the tray.  Our first attempt was in the highchair (doable but not ideal setting)

J at 20 months


3 responses to “Connect Four

  1. I saw your link on Pinterest and I had to check it out because my 13MO LOVES the Connect 4 her older sister got for her birthday! She “plays” along with her sisters and loves it.

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