Vroom Vroom Pudding Painting

17 months

Today I decided to pass the time making a big huge mess. We painted with pudding on the kitchen floor…well on butcher paper taped onto the kitchen floor.  I turned it in a whole afternoon event, first we made the pudding together (and the mess started).  It’s a great cooking activity with quick results!

Then I stripped him down to his diaper, taped some butcher paper onto the floor and set out a plate of pudding with some of his toy cars.  We drove the cars through the pudding and then down the paper.  After awhile we painted with our fingers (and yeah, I had to show him to use his fingers since he tends to be a pretty clean little boy).

This is a great form of finger painting even when they’re little since it’s completely edible.  J is not one to put anything and everything into his mouth, so he actually didn’t even realize the paint was so tasty until maybe 15 minutes into the activity.  Of course once tasted, the painting was temporarily halted (until his belly was full).  He absolutely loved pudding paint. He did some slipping and sliding, got a sugar rush, and creating a big mess.  All the makings for a perfect afternoon!

Clean up was interesting. Lesson learned: have a plan to get baby from kitchen to tub w/o tracking pudding through the whole house (or all over my clothes). We ended up taking a quick bath in the kitchen sink and then finished upstairs in the tub.

See the mess I had on my hands!

Age Attempted:  17 months; could be done earlier since the paint is edible

Try Again?  It does take some prep and there is obvious clean up with this activity but I think it’s worth it for a special activity every few months


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