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Paper Towel Artwork

 This is another awesome “painting” activity that involves very little mess.  It’s perfect for my young toddler. 

I drew some pictures on a paper towel with a marker (“A” and an apple, since we were working on the letter A). I gave J some paintbrushes and a cup with a TINY amount of water. As he paints the paper towel, he can watch the marker spread. J really liked this craft and it was simple to clean up!  I just used a black marker this time because it was all I had nearby but next time I’ll try different colors. I think a rainbow would turn out great.

**J has since painted a rainbow and a flower.  He has also colored his own papertowel and then painted it.  I have also since learned that he can paint SO much that the picture basically disappears and it become a tye-dye style art piece.  This is perfectly fine, since it’s all about the process IMO.**

Age? First attempted at 18 months; J still likes it at 21 months

Try Again? Yes; we’ve done this often and will surely do it again.  Eventually he can draw his own pictures and see how water effects them

No Glue Collage

We took a bucket on our walk this morning and gathered some colorful leaves. Later, I cut out a piece of contact paper and taped it (sticky side up) to Caleb’s highchair tray. It’s so easy for him to push the leaves onto the paper and then later I put another piece of contact paper (clear obviously) on top. I’m calling it an Autumn placemat.  Maybe we’ll make one for all four seasons! 
We’ve also done this on “Color of the Day” where he sticks various items of a certain color onto the contact paper (feathers, leaves, fabric swatches, ribbon, foam cutouts, construction paper shapes, magazine clips).

As a side note, clear contact paper is perfect for “laminating” and it’s cheap too!

Age?  His first no glue collage was at 16 months; the Autumn placemat was created at 19 months

Try Again?  Yes; I forsee lots of ways this can be used.  It’s a great alternative to gluing. 

**Warning, of course the vibrant colors of the leaves don’t stay for long.  Within a day or two most of the leaves were brown (except the green ones).  J didn’t care a bit though!

I got this idea from

Family Prayer Book

After breakfast each morning J and I read a Bible story and then pray together before starting our day.  A friend of mine had the best idea that I’ve adopted into our routine (thanks mamanickles!).  I made a prayer journal to help J through our prayer each day. It’s basically a notebook of pictures and names. It starts with the thankfulness page and then is divided into five categories (separated by colored dividers), family, friends, government officials, ministers, and military servicemen/women. I covered each page with page protectors so that J can handle the book himself without fear of tearing the pages. 

Every morning we pray for one person from each side of the family and then one person in each of the other categories. So we are praying for 6 people a day which turns out just right for his attention span. 

He really likes it. When I get the notebook out, he folds his hands together for prayer. If I don’t pick up the notebook quick enough, he’ll point to it, so I do.

It’s so easy to add new friends or change replace with newly elected officials.  When I recently added new friends to the notebook, he had a few days where he only wanted to pray for them! He also likes to just flip through the book afterward. He has learned President Obama this way, but hasn’t quite gotten the other govt. officials down. Another benefit is that it’s helping him become more comfortable with the pastors at church.  He used to shy away from the children’s pastor every time we saw him (which is often since I work with them during the week), after introducing the prayer book and praying for Pastor John a couple times, J is suddenly friendly in person too! 

I hope to eventually move to where he comes up with specifics to pray for and eventually pray himself.

Age? I think we started this around 17 or 18 months??

Try Again?  We use this almost everyday still at 21 months.