No Glue Collage

We took a bucket on our walk this morning and gathered some colorful leaves. Later, I cut out a piece of contact paper and taped it (sticky side up) to Caleb’s highchair tray. It’s so easy for him to push the leaves onto the paper and then later I put another piece of contact paper (clear obviously) on top. I’m calling it an Autumn placemat.  Maybe we’ll make one for all four seasons! 
We’ve also done this on “Color of the Day” where he sticks various items of a certain color onto the contact paper (feathers, leaves, fabric swatches, ribbon, foam cutouts, construction paper shapes, magazine clips).

As a side note, clear contact paper is perfect for “laminating” and it’s cheap too!

Age?  His first no glue collage was at 16 months; the Autumn placemat was created at 19 months

Try Again?  Yes; I forsee lots of ways this can be used.  It’s a great alternative to gluing. 

**Warning, of course the vibrant colors of the leaves don’t stay for long.  Within a day or two most of the leaves were brown (except the green ones).  J didn’t care a bit though!

I got this idea from


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