Paper Towel Artwork

 This is another awesome “painting” activity that involves very little mess.  It’s perfect for my young toddler. 

I drew some pictures on a paper towel with a marker (“A” and an apple, since we were working on the letter A). I gave J some paintbrushes and a cup with a TINY amount of water. As he paints the paper towel, he can watch the marker spread. J really liked this craft and it was simple to clean up!  I just used a black marker this time because it was all I had nearby but next time I’ll try different colors. I think a rainbow would turn out great.

**J has since painted a rainbow and a flower.  He has also colored his own papertowel and then painted it.  I have also since learned that he can paint SO much that the picture basically disappears and it become a tye-dye style art piece.  This is perfectly fine, since it’s all about the process IMO.**

Age? First attempted at 18 months; J still likes it at 21 months

Try Again? Yes; we’ve done this often and will surely do it again.  Eventually he can draw his own pictures and see how water effects them

One response to “Paper Towel Artwork

  1. I am impressed to see you giving your toddler art projects in his high chair. Great cause and effect and fine motor! They grow up so fast. I can remember sitting my girls in the high chair for projects. Now they are both art and design majors. : ) Goes by fast.

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