Snow Paintings

A friend of mine recommended using spray bottles and food coloring to create a masterpiece in the snow.  Of course I had no food coloring and I couldn’t find my spray bottle… so I improvised with Kool-aid and medicine droppers.   J and I went outside to create some homemade snowcones.  Eventually mom’s fingers were freezing …. J was having so much fun that he was oblivious to his blue fingers (and no, I didn’t have blue Kool-aid).  I made an executive decision to move this activity inside. 

I filled a couple trays with snow, threw some paintbrushes in with the medicine droppers and let J create.  Forty minutes later, he was still having a blast (though the activity had morphed into stabbing colored ice with the dropper, creating a new favorite of his, holes!).   To keep the activity going this long, I added a blank slate of fresh snow every 10 minutes or so. 

I also had him in the blow up pool to keep J contained with this activity.  Much safer on the carpets/furniture this way!  It also really helped to keep him focused.

Snow painting

Age attempted?  21 months (this activity could definitely be done younger and I’m thinking would be enjoyable when he’s older too)

Try Again?  Definitely yes; he loved it

**It’s snowing again and he’s already asking to paint the snow!


6 responses to “Snow Paintings

  1. I am always, always looking for activities for toddlers. I love this idea and using the blow up pool is so clever!

    • Glad you like it! J normally played around the outside edge and didn’t actually get in (he wasn’t fond of sitting in the middle of a pile a snow and I didn’t want to have to dress him for that all the time). The pool was the perfect height for him. For a quick snowbox, I would fill smaller trays (like cake pans) with snow that he could play with. He was also always content with just that. I think a baby tub would be a great size too!

  2. the snow painting also works great with mustard or catsup bottles and food color… the kids have a lot of fun creating pictures and practicing ABC’s or math facts!

  3. Hi
    I love this one. I am having a b-day snow theme party and was looking for ideas. I wanted to have spray bottles outside but we are going to a nature center and I am not sure they would like us spraying their snow. This is a fantastic alternative and I never thought of eyed droppers. Thanks!!

    • What a fun theme for a party! I hope all the little ones enjoy this activity! I’d love to hear how it goes and please share any other fun snow ideas. 🙂

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