Hide and Seek

This is a game that J loves.  He understands the general concept, enough to play the game successfully.  You just have to hide pretty fast!  We have a long hallway and he runs down to the end, waits for maybe 3 seconds and comes running back in search of mommy/daddy.  He’s actually a pretty good seeker.  As he’s gotten older, we’ve been able to hide in more discrete locations.  He keeps at it until he finds us (though we do sometimes start calling out “Where’s mommy?” as a hint), but even this teaches him to follow the sounds. 

I think playing this game as emphasized that there is a process that must be followed to get the result we want (if we don’t close our eyes/provide time for mommy to hid, the seeking isn’t as fun).  It has also encouraged a longer attention span since he has to keep focused until he finds us. 

Eventually it will also provide good practice with counting, patience, taking turns (he’s not quite ready hide yet; he just won’t sit still long enough).

Age?  First played around 16 months and still at it at 21 months; obviously this game has longevity

Try again?  Uhh, yeah 🙂


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