Snacktime Counting

We’ve been emphasizing numbers and counting around our house for the past few weeks.  So before snack time today I layed out large pages with #1-5 on J’s picnic blanket.  I gave him a bowl of Kix and together we counted the correct number of “balls” to set on each page BEFORE he got to eat them.  Yes, he did ask if he could eat them but was also fine with doing our activity first.  After he counted and enjoyed his snack, I brought out the Goldfish for a second round. 

Obviously, this doesn’t have to include food.  It’s meant to teach numbers and practice counting.  Anything can be counted.  I chose a snack because I knew it would help him stay focused through till the end (since there was an awesome reward when finished!).  It worked well!

This is actually AFTER he finished counting and J’s onto eating!

Age? 21 months

Try Again?  Yes, eventually he won’t need any help from me.


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