In the midst of our 2.5 foot snowstorm last weekend, this southerner realized…. it takes a lot of time dressing a toddler for snow!  Do I dress him up first or get dressed myself?  Then once we got dressed (probably overdressed!), it was still too cold and windy outside.  J also hasn’t gotten the hang of mittens (at least not the thick waterproof ones), they really impede his ability to do anything outside and when we remove them his hands are freezing in no time.  Something clicked in my brain one day, why not bring the snow inside!  A snowbox solved all my problems!  I just bring the blow up pool inside and fill it up with snow! Add some shovels and dump trucks and J is in heaven.  He could enjoy the snow and the blessings of a heated home at the same time (and mom can too)!  He dug, dumped, built a miniature hill for his rubber ducky to sled down, built a snowman, a snow wall (that of course was crashed a couple dozen times), and of course he loved letting a snowball melt in his mouth!  This was a great idea and he continually asks for more snow in his pool.  He loves it.  It’s really easy to set up and clean up. 

22 months

22 months


21 months

Age?  21 months but could be done much earlier

Try Again?  yes yes yes

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