Visual Valentine

While I do believe J is the smartest little boy ever, I will admit that my one year old cannot yet read.  He’s oh so close though!  He picks up any book and proceeds to read it aloud to mommy/daddy/the nearest stuffed animal.  Ok, his “reading” consists of repeating “Bible, Bible, Bible” or “babeedoody neyno nee A-A-O-O-A”, but that’s means he’s close right!?!?!

So until he masters phonics, I decided pictures would help him understand the messages he (ok Mommy) is sending to Grandma R for Valentines day.  Of course Grandma loves to get pictures too, so she won’t mind in the least! 

Beforehand I printed the pictures and cut out a sheet of contact paper, taping it sticky side up on the table.  He first placed the pictures on the contact paper.  We then wrote the message on construction paper and I cut out the words.  He stuck them on the contact paper next to the correct picture.  Then he decorated around it with extra hearts because he loves them lots and lots!!  Afterward I covered the whole project with clear contact paper. 

This is basically a No Glue Collage which I love since we’re still practicing the art of gluing so that takes longer. 

22 months

Age? 22 months but can be done earlier/later

Try Again?  We will try more No Glue Collages, I’m sure!


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