Heart Suncatcher

J made this for a friend serving in Iraq for Valentines day and yes it involves contact paper!  I think it might be my new favorite medium.  It’s perfect for a young toddler.   It is yet another form of the No Glue Collage; I love how there are endless possibilities with one purchase!

Preparation:  I cut 1″ squares of tissue paper (in this case pinks and flowers) and placed them in a bowl; I also layed a square piece of contact paper upside down on his work bench (aka the ottoman… since there’s no mess involved I know it won’t get ruined!) and kept a second square the same size nearby; as an extra step, I cut out a heart outline on construction paper

Activity:  J first placed the heart outline on the contact paper.  I wanted the edges to seal well and knew that this would help keep tissue from overlapping towards the edge.  Then he placed the tissue squares inside the heart.  It was actually a good lesson for him to learn inside and outside the lines, to control where he placed the tissue and to fill the entire heart.  When he was content, I covered the entire thing with my second piece of contact paper and cut out the heart.  I punched a hole in the heart and J thread some yarn through the hole. 

I held it up to a window and showed him how the light shines through, mentioning translucent (though it’s quite a big word for a little boy!).  Later when dad came home, he was excited to show him how to make the heart shine!


Age?  22 months, could be done earlier

Try Again?  We do lots of No Glue Collages, so I’m sure similar versions will be repeated!

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