Melting Hearts

This activity was simple yet J had so much fun with it.  I froze some heart shaped ice cubes (made with green colored water the previous night.  I let him play with the melting ice cubes during bathtime on Valentines day.  The food coloring helps you keep track of the ice cubes a little easier, but it isn’t necessary.  It also colors the bath water as the ice cubes melt which was fun for J. 

I gave him a little shovel and he loved dipping the cube in and out of the bath, catching it as it swam around the water, watching it get smaller and smaller,…  They melt REALLY fast in the warm bath water so I also put a couple inside a clear cup for him to play with.  After our first attempt, I learned to give him just one icecube at a time.  This prolongs the activity and he can focus on the one ice cube. 

This ended up encourging a good science discussion to.  We discussed how different the cold ice felt compared to the warm bath water.  We talked about why the ice melted (got smaller) in the heat.  Fortunately we’ve also had a lot of melting snow around our house, so I could emphasize the fact that heat melts ice and snow throughout the subsequent week.  He now knows what melting means. 

22 months

Age attempted?  22 months; could be done younger and more in depth science discussed at an older age… or you could teach colors by melting red ice cubes and then

Try Again?  Yes

Adapt for older toddler/child? 

  •      I would focus more on the science aspect of this activity.
  •      Use this to teach colors by melting red ice cubes and then yellow ice cubes, discuss how they mix to create orange.  This might be good reiterate an earlier lesson since you could try out all color mixing in one night.

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