Sticky Body Parts

This activity came about on the fly while removing the Tape Shapes from the kitchen floor.  We had enjoyed them for a week, but the novelty had worn off  so they needed a break.  As we were removing the painters tape, I inadvertently stuck some on J’s shoulder and of course he pulled it off.  I decided this could become a great way to reinforce body parts. 

I covered him with little pieces of tape, all placed on specific body parts, many that he could not see.  As he started removing the easy ones, I would tell him “I see some tape on your elbow!” or “I see some tape on your calf!”  It worked really well.  It was a great refresher activity. 

I also took a turn by placing the tape all over me and asking him to help me get it off by telling me where the tape was.  He enjoyed trying to instruct mommy, “Nose! Nose!” or “Back, Back!”.  All the while, I’m playing clueless so he could help “teach” me. 

This same activity could be done with stickers.

Age attempted?  22 months, could be done much earlier, even when you first start teaching body parts

Try Again?  yes, it requires no set up; this could also be a great plane activity

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