Empty Dishwasher (and learn while he’s at it!)

I always have J help me with the household chores.  I want to encourage him that we ALL take care of the things given to us; it’s a team effort.  So he helps with anything he is capable at that particular age.  Yeah, things may take a little longer and might not be done exactly right, but it’s definitely worth it. 

Putting away the clean dishes is one way he helps.  He currently helps sort the utencils back in the drawer, forks with forks, spoons with spoons (I remove the knives of course).  Then I place his sippy cups within his reach and he matches the correct size and color lid to each one so I can put them in the cabinet.  At first he didn’t always match them correctly but not he’s a pro.  It’s great practice especially since we have many different types of cups, all different colors and sizes.  He really loves this and is disappointed if he notices I do it without his help.  

22 months

 Age attempted:  We started this sometime around 16 months; he still does this now at 22 months

Try Again?  Yes; as he gets older I set out more cups and lids at a time to increase the difficulty

2 responses to “Empty Dishwasher (and learn while he’s at it!)

  1. My son is almost 20 months, but has been doing this since he was 11 months old! At first he just pulled the forks and spoons out, but now he sorts, stacks, and puts away. If he sees me doing it without him he throws a fit! Haha!

    • That’s great! Keep it up and he’ll soon be able to complete it all on his own. This is now one of J’s regular chores at 3 years old.

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