Object Category Matching

I printed some pictures (from clip art) of items we have around the house.  I set out one at a time and asked J to first identify the picture.  Then I asked him to search the room to find an object like the one in the picture.  The first time (around 19 months) we did this activity I had already placed the items in the pictures within sight around the room.  I also helped him find the first picture to help him understand the goal of the activity.  He completed the remaining pictures on his own. 

J recently repeated this activity without any extra help from me.  I set out all four pictures at the same time and he searched the room for the matching items.  This was a great way to practice his knowledge of where items are kept (socks are in the top drawer, boots are in the closet, etc.).  There were a few items he had to be reminded their general location (in the living room) and then he could take it from there.  He found each match and then we did four more (this time using flashcard pictures).  This last set of cards, I did have to encourage him to finish.  He got distracted as he went looking for a few of the matching items.  I was so proud that he did finish the task.  This turned out to be great practice with finishing what we started (an important life skill to learn!).

Age attempted: 19 months, again at 22 months

Teachable Moments Matching (really you’re matching categories instead of exact item, since the boot in the picture may not look exactly like the boot you have at home; they are in the same category so they’re still a match), knowledge of house (rooms, storage locations; it would be a good activity after rearranging things to help them learn where things go), completing tasks

Try Again?  Yes, as he gets older I’ll make the items harder to locate; It’s a good way to emphasize where items are supposed to go (helpful in cleanup)


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