Apple Shapes, Learning for J and a fun Challenge for Mom and Dad

I’m always looking for ways to incorporate our lesson of the day into any and all activities of the day.  J is having a difficult time remembering the rectangle, maybe because it’s similar to the square??  So today I cut his apple into rectangles.  I think every mom does this at some point.  It’s a simple way to help them learn and a simple way to encourage them to eat.  For some reason the apple-circles are much more fun to eat than just the apple slices! 

What I found interesting was it was kinda fun for me too.  I probably inhibited the purpose of my apple shapes because instead of keeping all the shapes rectangular, I started challenging myself to see what shapes I could create.  J rather enjoyed watching Mommy attempt octagons and stars.  The next night at dinner, we were having apples again and my husband got involved in our little game as well. 

I wish I took pictures of all the shapes we sliced, but J was pretty hungry (and Mom and Dady were distracted with the challenge at hand!). 

So if you haven’t already, take a stab at the apple.   

Age Attempted: 22 months, yes it took me this long to make shapes with J’s snacks!

Teachable Moments:  shapes, that Mommy can have fun with J’s activities too 🙂

Try Again?  My next challenge will be carving cones.

**Edited to add – We made letters tonight!  It was actually J’s idea and quite a challenge to go through the alphabet. 🙂


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