Homemade Toys: PVC Pipe Building

I didn’t actually make one of these toys myself, but if you’re handy (or have a really handy husband), this is really a great toy.  J got to play with this on a recent trip to a children’s museum. 

23 months

They had two peg boards standing across from each other and with a tray of short, long, t-shaped, and corner pipes.  I have no clue what their technical names are!   All J had to do was fit the pipes together to build.  I was surprised how well he did with this.  I did have to point out the size of the pipe holes since you had to place one of the connectors in between the straight pipes.  He had a hard time remembering that. 

Age attempted: 23 months; a younger toddler could easily fill the holes with individual pipe pieces instead of attempting to extend the pipes from wall to wall

Teachable Moments:  ask them to send the pipes up/down, requires an understanding of patterns to do this on their own (rotate between straight pipes and connectors)

Try Again?  Not at home, I can’t see us buying the pipes/peg boards nor do I want to store them it could work in a garage.  He’ll have to wait till we visit the children’s museum again!

2 responses to “Homemade Toys: PVC Pipe Building

  1. I am curious which children’s museum this was. Thank you

    • The museum with the pipe building was near Orlando. They had floors for toddlers/preschoolers and floors for school-age kids. This activity was in the science section for older kids, but J managed it really well after I explained how they worked.

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