Why Didn’t I Think of That? Children’s Scripture CD from Seeds Family Worship

** Edited to add:  They’ve just offered a coupon code to my readers.  Enter ENGAGINGTODDLERS at checkout and you’ll get 20% off of your cd purchase. This coupon expires  December 14, 2010.  If you would like to hear some of their songs check out this link!**

Have you ever noticed how it’s so much easier to memorize to music? 

I’m gonna assume you answered yes 🙂 

Somewhere in my search for activities, I discovered a BRILLIANT set of CDs from Seeds Family Worship.  They put scripture to song and they do it BEAUTIFULLY!  The songs are great for kids, but they’re also great for adults.  I listen to their CDs even when J isn’t with me.  I would have ordered them even if I did not have a child at all.  They are that good. 

I absolutely LOVE this product (can you tell?).  J absolutely LOVES this product.  It will be my new gift for family and friends.

I currently have two of their CDs, but will soon order the remaining 3 in the series.  Each CD has scripture focused on a specific topic.  We have “Seeds of Purpose” and “The Power of Encouragement”.  The other choices are “Seeds of Faith”, “Seeds of Courage”, and “Seeds of Praise”.  The lyrics are direct quotes from the NIV Bible.  Each song has the scripture reference and the text; the text is repeated (in a praise song style).  The repetition is not annoying like many of the children’s songs. 

For now, J and I just listen to the songs in the car and while playing at home.  When he’s a little older and can speak a little better, I will use these CDs to help him memorize scripture.  To me, scripture holds the greatest lessons I could ever teach J.  Anything that will help me accomplish this is something I want to promote!

**Oh and one added benefit, the company sends TWO CDs for every one that you order!  You get one to keep for yourself and one to give away to friend or family.  I have already decided who is getting my 2 extra CDs! I can’t wait to give it to them!!

6 responses to “Why Didn’t I Think of That? Children’s Scripture CD from Seeds Family Worship

  1. Hey Becca,

    Thanks so much for your mention of Seeds! Email me at michelle@seedsfamilyworship.com and I’ll let you know all the latest news from Seeds!

    Keep planting!

  2. Becca, Does your son really memorize the scripture. Cooper is 27 months old and I would really like for him to start to memorize scripture, but I wanted to know how you encourage this. Any advice on how to make the most out of the CDs? I am totally going to buy them all. I am just bummed that I don’t have the 20% of anymore. I missed out on that. Do you think if I called them, they would still offer it to me?

    • Sue, not sure if you saw my new post on this but they reinstated the coupon code. It’ll be good for another full year.
      I don’t have a set schedule, but J memorizes whatever scripture we’re focusing on and honestly does it pretty quickly. They really learn so fast. I still think I underestimate him when it comes to this. I saw a good friend of mine working with her kids from a very young age and being amazed at how much they were able to learn. I knew I wanted to try it myself when J was old enough. I typically break down the scripture with pictures, hang a poster near our table (which helps me review them multiple times a day), and when inspiration strikes I make up a song to go along with it. He also has a few of the songs memorized from the CDs. John 8:12 is our first to focus on that is also on the cd. I just make it fun; he doesn’t feel forced, just excited about them and asks me to “read” the posters a lot (or sing them) until he knows the scripture himself.
      I keep meaning to do a post on this, but kept thinking I needed to get a little more experience under my belt first. Maybe I should just post as I learn. I doubt I’ll ever be an “expert”, just learning as I go!
      I’d definitely try it with Cooper. Oh and Totally Tots has been going through each song on the cds, making visual posters to print.

  3. I bought the 5 Seeds of family Worship CDs just yesterday! Whoo Hoo. I am so excited. Thanks for these post on these CDs. I am excited to listen to them and have the scriptures “planted” into our hearts and minds!!

    • I am positive you will love them! And don’t forget to think about who gets the extra set of cds! I’ve given one to ALL my friends with kids, and am even starting to work through the ones without kids now.

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