Plane Travel with my 22 month old

We travel quite a bit, usually air travel, so I thought I would start giving updates on how J fared on the plane, activities we brought, and lessons learned.  I will try to backtrack to include some of our more momentous trips in the past, so keep an eye out for those!

Our most recent trip was pretty short at just 2.5 hours long.  When we first started flying, this would’ve had me completely stressed and I would’ve spent weeks in preparation (I honestly don’t think I’m exaggerating!).  I guess I’m learning something along the way since now I just prepare the night before!  I’ve learned to look at it as extra special one on one time with your little one.  How often do we sit and play non-stop for 2.5 hours!?  This helps my outlook on the trip; I’m in a better mood, less stressed, and J notices. 

J’s activity bag consisted of…

  • A pop up book
  • Slinky (only on the trip there)
  • Pipe Cleaners in a Bottle (only on the reverse trip)
  • 2 Trains
  • Coloring Book with 4 colors (triangular ones don’t roll all over the plane!)
  • DVD player and headphone (watched for about 20 min one way; 30-40 minutes the reverse trip)
  • Frog puppet (washcloth)
  • Daddy 🙂 

Other things in carry-on…

  • Sippy cup
  • M&M’s (special treat; didn’t use on reverse trip)
  • 3 Diapers, Wipes (I always pack extra in case of delays)
  • Antibacterial wipes (planes are gross so I wipe down everything!)

Things really went smoothly for the most part.  Daddy is awesome entertainment, but J also tends to loose interest in obeying Mommy when Daddy’s there!  We flew Southwest Airlines, so I was sure to check in exactly 24 hours ahead of time to try and get an early position in the cattle herding.  We did not purchase J a seat.  But he got one for free anyway!  I love it when this happens.  One flight was definitely not full, so it was easy getting a seat for him.  But, on the other flight there was only 1 empty seat on the entire plane… and J got it!  I guess no one wanted to sit next to a toddler!?!?  Go figure. 

I did learn that it’s always good to know where the changing table is on the plane BEFORE you need it.  It’s never really been an issue before, but on this particular plane the only changing table was in the front of the plane.  So J got to spread his stink all the way to the rear of the plane and then back up to the front again!  He is really too big for the plane changing tables anyway.  They are pretty tiny.  I usually have him stand to change him in planes now, but this particular occasion called for extra attention.


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