Why Didn’t I Think of That? Pencil Topper Stamps

Ok, so pencil topper stamps don’t sound all that impressive.  But for my 1 year old, they are the absolute coolest!

I originally bought some regular wooden stamps (I found on clearance) for J to try out.  I have never been brave enough to try them.  🙂

So I happened across these pencil topper stamps at Target in their dollar section.  (By the way, it was genius for Target to add a dollar section!  The person who thought of that needs a huge raise!)

These stamps are perfect…. a perfect fit in J’s hand, easy to use (don’t require a separate ink pad, so they’re really no different than dot markers), colorful, and they have really cute designs.  J currently has 3 sets already (vehicles, valentines, and aliens/monsters).  There are six stamps in a set, so $1 brings more than enough enjoyment.  I keep my eyes open for more each time I go to Target.

I will say, I bought one set at Michael’s craft store (in their dollar section) that looked like they were made identically… but they are not!!  Three of the six fell apart immediately and the ones that worked didn’t last long.  They were awful.   So I’m sticking with the Target brand, every one of them still work after a ton of use. 

As for how to use them… I have no creativity here.  J loves just stamping away!  He also loves taking them out and returning them to the clear packaging they came in. Gotta love one year olds!

Age attempted:  around 14 or 15 months at first; he still loves them at 23 months

Teachable moments:  having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot (my personal teachable moment); J has learned that you only stamp on paper, not fingers, clothes, tables,…  and to have fun 🙂

Try again?  over and over and over


2 responses to “Why Didn’t I Think of That? Pencil Topper Stamps

  1. Ooooh! I’m going to borrow this idea for my under-2’s! Thanks!

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