Outdoor Fun: Circle fun!

I got this idea from Little Hands, Big Work (an awesome blog by the way!) and tried it the very next day.  We all know how much I LOVE sidewalk chalk. 🙂 

 (See this post or this post for more on sidewalk chalk)

You basically draw circle paths along the driveway in various colors.  You’ll notice in my picture that our paths were quite easy with only a couple intersecting colors.  The idea is to call out a color and have your toddler jump, run or skip along that particular color route. 

The activity was definitely a win!  J took to it immediately (though he didn’t always want to follow the rules of the game!)  I should also mention that the neighborhood kids loved this activity too.  I had kids coming to play on my driveway all week! 

Age Attempted: 24 months (he could’ve done this earlier I think); You could make this harder by adding more colors, more intersections, drawing different shape paths (in repeated colors, so they would have to follow the red triangles NOT the red hearts).


3 responses to “Outdoor Fun: Circle fun!

  1. This is a great idea. I have tons of chaulk too.

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