Plastic Easter Eggs put to use

I’m really late in posting about this since we did this back around Easter.  It really doesn’t have to be done with Easter though.

Egg Surprises – I found random “surprises” that could fit inside a plastic egg and also match the color of the egg.  J first opened each egg to discover what was inside and then he returned them to the correct colored egg.  Simple to create and fun for J!

I also did a number activity with the eggs.  I numbered 12 eggs and then we practiced counting by putting the eggs in order inside the carton. 

My SIL told me about an easy activity that my nephew’s preschool teacher did with the class.  She numbered 12 plastic eggs and then numbered the holes in an egg carton.  The kids had to match the numbers.  This would be something J could do better on his own.  With just the egg’s numbered, it requires me to stay with him to help. 

Altering the traditional egg hunt a bit – J actually had 3 egg hunts over Easter and I noticed that he J wasn’t too interested in the traditional random egg hunt.  He kept looking at me with this, “Why do I have to pick up the eggs??? I didn’t put them there!!”  But when I gave him a bit of a challenge along with the egg hunt, he really had fun with it. 

We did a solo hunt alone with these animal matching eggs I got at Walmart.  I started by showing him an animal egg and telling him to find the match somewhere in the yard.  Then we moved onto the next animal egg until we had matched them all.  He really liked this. 

We also did a family hunt with his cousins where he was given 2 different colored eggs to search for.  He could only pick up orange and green eggs.  This worked really well, kept him engaged and kept his older cousins from finding all the eggs before J got some. 

Age attempted: 23 months at first


3 responses to “Plastic Easter Eggs put to use

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  2. Would 18 months be able to do this activity?

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