Cars and Color Wheels

I came across this addition to the color wheel and knew it was perfect for J.  He loves cars and loves lining things up.  Perfect.   Well, the first attempt went just ok.  He matched one car to each color on the wheel and didn’t get what to do after that.  I tried showing him to line up the cars behind each color, but he wasn’t satisfied with that.  He wanted the car ON the appropriate space in the color wheel and since he couldn’t fit them all on the wheel, he contented himself with filling the wheel and was done.  Of course this still accomplishes the goal of matching colors.  It wasn’t until the second time I brought this activity out that he enjoyed lining the cars up.  It was good practice matching similar colors and did need some help with a few.

Age attempted: 1st – 24 months; 2nd- 25 months

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