Prep: Plane travel with my 2 year old (25 months)

So we’re headed out again on our typical 3.5 hour long flight.  Since he’s now 2 years old, he is guaranteed a seat on the plane.  Of course we also are now forced to pay for that seat.  No more free seats for J.  Come to think of it, not much is free for my 2 year old!

The flight is right after nap; we might have to end nap a little early but not by much.  We’ll also be arriving at our destination about an 1.5 hours after bedtime, so we will be pushing him a bit.  This is usually the best flight for us though, since he is fresh from a nap and my husband can still work half a day in the morning before we leave.  Leaving in the morning is ok, but it kinda wastes one of his vacation days since it’s spent traveling, arriving at our destination only to nap.  For shorter flights, we’d rather do it in the evenings. 

The coloring book, crayons and cars are missing in the picture AND the puzzle was only brought on the return flight; all items are placed in a large ziploc

What I packed (remember, I like to be over-prepared!!)

  • Color activity with stickers (new activity that he’s never seen/done)
  • Coloring book with 4 colors (saved for flights to keep it’s novelty)
  • Vinyl Sticker scene
  • 3 books
  • 2 cars
  • Pipe cleaners in a bottle (this toy is mostly saved for flights to keep it’s novelty)
  • Cars activity (this is something he’s never seen before)
  • DVD player with video

Other essentials:

  • Sandwich meat
  • Grapes
  • Lollipop
  • Empty sippy cup to be filled on plane (FYI: you CAN bring a full sippy cup/bottle through security, even over 3 oz..  They will simply do an extra scan of the liquid.  With J getting older, I’m now just waiting to fill it until after security to save the extra couple minutes. I choose to bring a sippy still b/c I don’t want his drink spilling in flight.) 
  • 4 diapers and wipes (I always bring 4 diapers and yes there have been times where all 4 were used on a 3.5 hour flight… plus delays)
  • Antibacterial wipes

I can’t remember if I mentioned this on a prior post, but I use ziplocs to separate the items… one gallon size ziploc for toys/activities, one for snacks, and one bag for diapers.


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