Coupon from Seeds Family Worship

Seeds of Courage (Vol. 1)

You’ve heard me mention these CDs from Seeds Family Worship before.   As a little reminder, they are great children’s worship songs that put scripture to music.  They aren’t just for kids either.  I love them.  J loves them.  My husband loves them.  As my husband put it, “You can’t get better than divine lyrics.”  (See this post for more info on them)

We currently have all five of their CDs. They literally rotate from one to the next.  We love each one.  And we’re all learning scripture!

Here’s the good news, Seeds Family Worship is offering a great deal to all my readers.  You can get 20% off of your cd purchase by using this coupon code at checkout, ENGAGINGTODDLERS.  This offer expires in 6 months, December 14, 2010.  This discount is good for everything except clearance prices.  Since Seeds Family Worship already offers a free cd for every one that you buy, this extra 20% makes a good deal even better.  If you want to hear some of their songs, check out this link.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do receive a free cd after the purchase of 10 cds using this code.  Since I have all 5 of their cds anyway, I’ll be giving any free cd away to others. 

You really won’t be disappointed with their cds. I hope you find the coupon code helpful! Check out their website at


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