My Little Helper: Grocery Shopping

I read about this idea in the Parenting Magazine back when J was a baby and finally tried it out.  If I remember correctly the original idea was to print and cut out various pictures of products needed at the grocery store.  Place them in a bag and have your child choose one picture, search it out together in the store and when found place the picture in a second bag to mark as completed.  I changed this a bit since #1, I was in a rush and didn’t have time to cut out the pictures and #2, I imagined J simply playing with and losing the pics around the store. 

Instead I just printed out a list of products we needed at the store, with both the written word and the pictures.  I only put a few items on the list because I didn’t expect him to stick with me through my actual list.  I explained to J before leaving the house what the list was and he seemed excited.  He held his list all the way to the store, all ready to help!  It worked really well.  I listed the items in the order that I knew we would come upon them while shopping, giving me time to get the other productsI needed in between.  I showed him how to cross off each item as we placed it in the basket and then how to find out the next item needed. 

Age attempted: 26 months

Try Again: yes, but I will bring a clib board next time since it was rather difficult for him to cross off the items in the cart

For older kids:  remove the pictures to allow for practice reading; add quantities to the list


2 responses to “My Little Helper: Grocery Shopping

  1. Hey Becca,
    Just a quick comment to this. Julie pointed out this idea to me. She suggested to help with recognition reading to cut out the word logo of different items (i.e. his favorite cereal or yogurt etc). They are learning that the logo says the name and recognizing it in the products on the shelves.
    Just thought it was another interesting twist on this idea.

    • That’s a great idea and would be so easy to do thanks to the internet! Thanks for sharing Nyki! and Julie 🙂

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