Practicing Letters with Father’s Day Cards

This idea came to me as I was getting out construction paper for J to make his Great Grandpa a card to send in the mail.  I got the materials ready in a matter of minutes while J waited patiently 🙂  It’s certainly not a flashy card, but it offered great reinforcement with his letters and J enjoyed creating it.

PREP: I wrote out a message on the construction paper, leaving out the first letter of each word.  I placed in its stead (is that how you use that word??) an empty box so that J knew where the glue (and letter) should go.  Then, with another color of paper, I wrote the missing letters and cut them out. 

With J:  I set out all the missing letters along with some glue and the actual card in front of him.  We started with the first word of the message (_appy); I pointed out that this was a word but it was missing the first letter.  I said the word, emphasizing the H sound and then told him he needed to added the letter H to finish the word.  He would search out the correct letter and glue it in place.  **One of the tv shows he gets to watch a few times each week is Word World where they build words to create the different characters and props for the show.  J has been pushing letters together ever since, claiming he created a word like on the show.  This activity really just put into practice what he saw on tv.**   

He finished all the words in the message, added the hearts, stickers and a drawing on the card.  It’s really a simple card, but it was a great way to emphasize the letter sounds and reinforce the letter names.  In fact, I discovered that he knows the letter Y, something I personally haven’t taught him. 

As I was picking up, I realized that I could’ve used letter stickers instead of having to write and cut out the letters. That would’ve made for even less prep for the activity. 

Age: 26 months

Future Use: I think next time I will use this as a way to test his knowledge of the letter sounds.  Instead of giving him the name of the letter along with the sound, I will just ask him to find the letter that makes the sound “sss”…

This would also be a good plane activity, but I would definitely use stickers rather than glue on the plane. 🙂


2 responses to “Practicing Letters with Father’s Day Cards

  1. Wow, B! (do i keep your name veiled?) — this blog is a most impressing undertaking. I’m subscribing now! How long have you been working on this….I am so impressed. Does this just come naturally, or does your background in education help? Man, I wish I had the same creativity and energy w/ E….well, haven’t really been around to exercise either of those, but if I was, it wouldn’t be anything as grand as what you’ve put together here. Thanks for all the ideas. Keep ’em coming.

    • George, Ha! Creativity is not something you are lacking in!!
      I guess maybe a background in education helped me in realizing the benefits of keeping to a daily routine and in developing a weekly plan that (hopefully) covers a wide range of lessons to learn. The lessons in jr. high are much different than those for J of course, but the method of planning is similar.

      I must admit, it also helps me make it through the days to have a general plan. Otherwise we’d be playing cars during all waking moments. I love cars as much as the next mom, but a little break is always nice.. for me and J!

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