At the Doctor’s Office

I think this is from 18 months-ish; taken from my IPhone

I basically always have a couple crayons in J’s bag.  I just stuck the ones we got at a restaurant in there one day and they’ve never left.  They are great for those long waits at the doctor’s office.  They conveniently provide the paper already! (Hint: Crayola crayons work best since the paper at doctor’s office has a waxy film on it; other crayon brands are too waxy to see much).  This is such a simple way to keep J distracted and content while we wait!

  • Trace hands, feet, or have them lay down and trace their whole body
  • Have them name the shape, letter or number after you write it
  • Have them call out a shape, letter or number for you to write; and then add a specific color to the mix, “Draw a red circle!”
  • Draw out your own connect the dots
  • Draw roads for them to drive their cars down (stops signs, green lights, turns,…)
  • Of course they can draw too 🙂

2 responses to “At the Doctor’s Office

  1. We bring stickers, too, because crayons sometimes rip the paper.

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