My Little Helper: Mopping the floor

Here’s an idea from Raegan at Children’s Learning Activities that I’m now finally letting J do with me.  I’m not sure why it took so long to let him try since he’s been sweeping the floors with me forever.  I invisioned water everywhere, but he really doesn’t create a huge mess.  I’m getting the floor wet anyway, so a little extra water isn’t such a big deal…. as long as he stays away from the carpet! Thankfully he’s great at keeping within the boundaries I give him.

Basically I give him a sponge and a bowl of water (a tiny bit of water goes a LONG way!).  Oh and squeezing the excess water out of the sponge is a lesson they need to be taught!  There are SO many tiny things that J needs to be taught that I completely overlook and this was one of them. 

I wouldn’t say J’s honed his mopping skills quite yet, but he loves to help and that’s what I want to encourage!

Age: started around 24 months


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