Chocolate Oat Acorns

This was another of our autumn activities.  It’s fun, cute and easy prep (using things I already had around the house). 

Before hand, I cut out a square with cardboard (the original activity said to use a paper bag, but I didn’t have any).  I also drew the acorn onto the cardboard. 

I first had J use a brown crayon to color the “hat” of the acorn and a white crayon for the bottom.  He then glued the chocolate unto the hat and the oats onto the bottom.  We focused on trying to fill the ENTIRE hat/bottom, making that the goal.  Fortunately he had no idea you could EAT the chocolate and so didn’t try until I suggested it (when he was finished with his acorn). 

Once the glue was dry we emptied the excess. 

Age attempted: 30 months


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