Spaghetti Spider Web and Handprint Spider

We’ve been reading Eric Carle’s The Very Busy Spider, so we did this activity to go along with it.

WEB: I decided to do this last minute since I had all the materials on hand anyway.  All you need is cooked spaghetti, glue, and wax paper.  Dip the spaghetti into the glue and then lay it onto the wax paper.  When finished, let the glue dry COMPLETELY and then peel it off the wax paper. It’s possible I used too much glue since after J was finished, I went back and drop some glue on the spots where the spaghetti overlapped.  It did help the “web” stick together, but made it hard to remove from the wax paper. 

SPIDER: Trace handprints on black paper and then cut out (removing the thumbs).  Glue the palm portion of the handprints on top of each other.  Glue black pom poms onto spider body (I used black sponge curlers cut up into pieces b/c it’s what I had).   Top with googly eyes. This was easy and quick to do.

Age attempted: 30 months; J LOVED this activity, especially making the web (though obviously his web is quite sporadic and not at al symmetrical!).  It was really easy but quite unique.


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