Candy Corn Puzzles

I thought this would be a good activity to work on sizes.  I prepped the activity by precutting the pieces, creating small, medium and large pieces similar to candy corn. If you can tell in the picture, I also drew the outline of the candy corn on the black paper.  This step probably wasn’t needed though.  J glued the pieces in order (small, medium, large) to create the candy corn.  I did have examples of candy corn out (since he’d never seen them before!).  This was simple to prep and good practice for J.

We also used this same concept to create door knob hangars for J’s cousins.  I precut the black paper, including the circle for the door knob and J decorated it with a smaller version of the candy corn puzzles and adding their name.  Later I covered them with clear contact paper for durability.  You could also use foam or cardstock if you didn’t want to “laminate” them. 

Age Attempted: 30 minutes


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