Snacktime Numbers and Letters

This isn’t flashy and I’m even a bit embarassed to show this activity.  BUT it’s a good way to incorporate some extra practice into your day.  No need to get extravagant to teach a toddler! You really can’t get any easier than this and your little one will love it.   

We had some leftover Cheez-it from a Sunday school activity, so I brought it home and put it to good use.  I figured it doesn’t provide much nutritional value so I might as well get some education value out of it!

We’ve used it for counting practice.  I called out a number and he had to find the cracker with that many dots to eat.

We’ve used it for letter practice.  I set up a column of upper case letters and a column of lower case letters and he matched them together.  I then called out a letter sound and he got to eat that letter. 

You could easily introduce numbers or letters this way or of course practice shapes and size too. 

Age attempted: 2 years; can certainly be done earlier


2 responses to “Snacktime Numbers and Letters

  1. I love this idea! We never have that stuff so it would be a fun treat. I have just found your blog and I am addicted! Thank you so much for putting the age attempted! My sin is almost 20 months and I like having the age reference to help decide if it would be appropriate for now later.

    • I’m pretty sure we still have that same bottle of Cheese in the pantry. We use it so rarely! I should probably toss it by now.

      Remember with the ages, all kids are different. It is entirely possible that your son could attempt some activities at an earlier age and might need to wait on other activities until he’s a little older.

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