Pattern Practice with Christmas Ornaments

As a Christmas display, I have a pretty red tray filled with different color ball ornaments.  Last year I decided to purchase some cheap plastic ones both so J could help hang some on our tree (without the stress that he would break one) and so he could play with them throughout Christmas.  A side benefit is they have become a good learning too for J. 

What you need:  a variety of of colorful ornaments, the more you have of each color/type the more patterns possible.  (I found packages of 12 for $1 at the dollar store). 

I used the ornaments to set up a pattern for J to continue.    We started with colors, then added textures to the patterns (glittery, shiny, smooth, and bumpy).  I also had J come up with his own patterns for me to continue.  This adds another level of difficulty to the activity.

You could include other fun ornaments in your patterns too, candy canes, angels, bells,… there are so many options available!   Or just look around at the Christmas decor you have in your home. What can be used for a little pattern practice? I’m sure you can find something!

Age attempted: 31 months

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