Seeds Family Worship Coupon Code is Back!

Seeds Family Worship has extended our coupon code for another year! 

Enter the coupon code: ENGAGINGTODDLERS at checkout to get 20% off your purchase.  This offer is good until December 20, 2011. 

And don’t forget they already offer a free cd for each one you purchase, one to keep and one to give away! 

Seeds Family Worship cds are by far my favorite children’s cd (and they come close to my own personal cds).  They put scripture to song and they do it so well!  If you’re looking to help write God’s Word on your little one’s heart, these will help.  We listen to them for fun and when working on a specific scripture to memorize.  Toddlers CAN memorize scripture!  Their memories are awesome.

And don’t forget you can already buy their upcoming cd, Seeds of Character, that comes out in April to get 6 free song downloads.  Lots of fun deals and you will not be disappointed with their product!

Check out my other posts on Seeds Family Worship to find out more. 

Or check out their website yourself!


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