Snow-themed Breakfast (or snack)

Since we woke up with tons of snow and dad got to stay home this particular morning, I decided to break the rules and have fun with breakfast. I can’t say this is the healthiest breakfast, but it was a fun twist to our normal routine.  I say there’s nothing wrong with letting our hair down a little!

I made Snowman donuts, marshmallow snowflakes, a bucket of snow (yogurt topped with nuts and berries) and snowman soup (aka hot cocoa). 

J thought it was lots of fun and of course finished EVERY bite.  Surprise, surprise!

To make the Snowman Donuts:

I used a Cheeto for the nose (the original post  used an orange slice which would be the healthier way to go), chocolate chips for the eyes and mini chocolate chips for the mouth.  These were just set on top of the powdered donut, so of course they fall apart easily.  Check out the original idea here to see a more lasting version. I decided to take the easy route and J had no problem deconstructing it as he ate.  This is also something you could get an older child to help with.  Lining up the tiny chocolate chips would’ve been too difficult for J at this stage. 

To make the Snowflakes:

Use toothpicks to attach the mini-marshmallows together in whichever snowflake design you want.  I’ve also seen this done with gumdrops.  Again, older ones could help create these too.  J could likely accomplish a toddler version of this, but I also envision him stabbing himself with the toothpick while forcing it through the marshmallows!

Other ideas are for your snow-themed meal :

Snowballs (boiled eggs… this was on my list for breakfast until I realized DH ate all of them!)

Snowman on a stick (a good way to include some fruit)

Snowman Rice Crispie Treats 

Snowball Surprise Cookies

Our other snow-themed activity for the day was Snow-Painting and I’m happy to report it’s a success with two year olds too. 

A few changes this year were more colors, two trays of snow (both needed to be refilled a few times), and medicine droppers along with paint brushes and sponge brushes.  The medicine droppers were huge hits (which I love because it adds fine motor skill practice).  In all honesty, he spent about 15-20 minutes on actual painting and another 20-25 minutes on color mixing (I even replinished the colors for him since they eventually all turned brown).  But he was occupied and having fun!  I did have to remind him how to paint in the snow because he got frustrated at first (you can’t make simple strokes but have to dab the snow).  TIP:  I use a waterproof table cover as a “blanket” to protect my floors.  It’s worked great for 2 years and keeps my floors nice (last year cheap linoleum and this year nice hardwood floors).


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  1. I like this post. There are a lot of great ideas for winter food items. I’ve included your post on my weekly favorites here:

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