Thanks for the guest post!

I can’t believe I am so late in writing this.  It must’ve been due to the holidays, surely it’s not because I’m disorganized and forgetful, right????

Val over at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom let me write a guest post (back before Christmas, so yes, I’m way late in posting this)!  I was so grateful for the opportunity and thrilled that she considered what I had to say blog-worthy.  My post is called Value Learning and talks about WHY learning activities are important and HOW to get started. Check it out!

I found her blog a couple of years ago and have found it to be a great resource.  It is extensive to say the least, so use the index to navigate to your topic of choice. And you will surely find a topic of interest, whether discussing infants or preschoolers. 

Here are some of my favorites on the topic of teaching our kids:

Teaching Children Who’s Job is It?

Learning Activity of the Day

Chore Cards

Family Planning (setting lifetime goals for your children)

Balancing Time with Children (planning your days for their development)

Teaching Christ All Year

Factors That Influence Learning

Thanks Val for the opportunity!


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