Twizzler Writing Valentines Card

Here’s the card J made one of his cousins for Valentines Day.  It was actually a fun way to practice letters.  We’ll probably reuse this activity some other time. 

What You Need: Pull and Peel Twizzlers, Glue, Cardstock, pencil

Prep: I actually precut for the Twizzlers for him and already had the message written in pencil on the cardstock for him. 

He traced the letters with glue and then added the Twizzlers.  After awhile he got tired of gluing, so I took over that part.  To incorporate some learning, I asked him how many long/short pieces were needed for each letter prior to gluing.  We also had lots of opportunities to repeat the words verticle and horizontal.  He then added some math practice of his own as he decided to pattern the heart stickers and later the heart twizzler shapes. 

I did help him on the spirals since it was a little too intricate for him to do alone.  They’re supposed to be flowers, but J thought they looked like lollipops.  Either one works!

Age: 34 months


3 responses to “Twizzler Writing Valentines Card

  1. Hi! I’ve been checking out your blog recently along with Children’s Learning Activities. I think they are a great resource for inspiration and ideas for my little one’s (daughter; 19 mos, son; 6 mos)

    My question for you is regarding expectations. I am having a hard time looking at the educational blogs for children and thinking that my daughter should have these skills down. I see some of the things you’ve tried with your son at my daughter’s age and it just seems like she is so far from having enough attention span or ability to follow directions that I often get frustrated. Did you have specific expectations or goals for your son at this age or was it just a slow process of working on things and small concepts; more of a parent directed play? I’ve tried to do some crafts with my daughter and it just doesn’t go well. She has a hard time following my directions and accomplishing the craft. Are my expectations too high for her age and when will I start to see some improvement on her attention span? thanks for your blog!

    • April, these are such great questions that I think all parents have at some point. Do you mind if I use your comment to kick off a series of posts that will hopefully help everyone trying to get started?

  2. yeah, that would be just fine! I would be comforted in the fact that I am not the only parent who struggles with this. Being a young mom (and my daughter’s my first); I have a bad case of “have-to-do-everything-perfect” syndrome and it gets quite draining and stressful at times. I don’t feel like a structured routine or even academics were strongly encouraged in the household I grew up in, so it makes it that much harder to tackle the basics (i.e. expectations for me and for her 🙂 My goal at this point is to make learning fun for our whole household. I have hopes to homeschool my kids and need to tackle some of these basic issues before we can even think about the hugeness of that! Thanks so much for taking the time to address this.

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