How do we make learning activities work?

I am having a hard time looking at the educational blogs for children and thinking that my daughter should have these skills down. I see some of the things you’ve tried with your son at my daughter’s age and it just seems like she is so far from having enough attention span or ability to follow directions that I often get frustrated. Did you have specific expectations or goals for your son at this age or was it just a slow process of working on things and small concepts; more of a parent directed play? I’ve tried to do some crafts with my daughter and it just doesn’t go well. She has a hard time following my directions and accomplishing the craft. Are my expectations too high for her age and when will I start to see some improvement on her attention span?

One of my readers asked these questions and thankfully agreed to let me use them to kick-start some posts this week (thanks April!).  I think they are great comments and extremely common among parents.  Since there are so many points in her comment, I’m going to split them up into separate posts (links below) so we just tackle one issue at a time. I’ll do my best to answer each question and would love to hear other readers suggestions and perspectives too.  I know there are lots of parents out there with great tips!

We’ll start tomorrow!

Comparing – Does my little one match up?
Getting Started (part 1) – What’s your purpose?
Getting Started (part 2) – Choosing an Activity
Foundational Skills (part 1)- How can I make the activities run smoothly?
Foundational Skills (part 2) –Ways to help them practice, practice, practice!

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