Spring Index 2011 is Up!

If you’re looking for more ideas for Spring activities, check out the Spring Index page.  It has ideas from all around the web, from crafts to snacks to learning to games to Bible suggestions.

ETA: Here’s the 2011 list before I delete the page.


•Bird matching printable (click on “Bird Match File Folder Game”) http://www.homeschoolshare.com/workbox.php


•Outdoor Scavenger hunt



•Nest snack
•Duck Ice cream snack http://familyfun.go.com/recipes/ducky-desserts-687510/

 BIBLE Verses

•But ask the animals what God does.
They will teach you.
Or ask the birds of the air.
They will tell you.
Or speak to the earth. It will teach you.
Or let the fish of the ocean educate you.
Are there any of those creatures that don’t know
what the powerful hand of the Lord has done?
He holds the life of every creature in his hand.
He controls the breath of every human being. (Job 12:7-10 NIrV)

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