Winter Index 2011

**A little blog business.  Before deleting the page, I’m posting my winter index to save for next year.**

Here’s the list I’m using while planning winter themed activities.  This index will likely change as I add activities.  I will change the font color as we complete activities and you might see some of my favorites highlighted in posts.  

**When I get around to it, I will add a Valentine’s list to this page. As of now, I’m not planning that far in advance!**

  • Snowflake matching
  • Snowman buttons/shapes
  • Snowflake pairs
  • Snowmen rice crispie treats
  • How to Build a snowman (order the images)
  • Winter Collage
  • What’s Missing?
  • Scarf Sorting
  • Gel stickers/puzzles
  • Snow Unit
  • Snowman buttons
  • Winter Unit
  • Winter Nature Walk
  • Penguin Appetizer
  • Donut Snowman
  • White as Snow

    How I Use an Index:
    I’ve learned that if I don’t organize my online finds, I forget about them.  I created the indexes to keep that from happening.  I create the ongoing list of  potential activities that I then pull from when planning.  Sometimes I have activities planned out way in advance.  And then there are the weeks I get behind.  The index works great to pull ideas from quickly.  We DO NOT accomplish each activity on the list, that is not even my goal.  I can always use the same index to pull from next year, hopefully lessening my prep work in the future too.   For now I am only posting my seasonal indexes. 
    I hope you find these lists helpful too!  

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