Flower Vase

Last year I saw these cute flowers in Target’s dollar section and decided I could put them to use somehow.  The girl in me needed a change from trucks, trains and car apparently.  The flowers are actually pens (just don’t tell J!!!).  I was planning on making a “vase” with holes on top (with a yogurt container or something) and letting him play with it similar to the pipe cleaner in a bottle toy.  I ended up finding a container that already had the perfect size holes in the top and went with that.  The container was in the cheap section at Toys-R-Us and had a set of foam bath toys inside. 

This activity is harder than the pipe cleaner in a bottle.  As you fill up each hole, it takes some effort to search for the empty holes underneath your growing bouquet and get the flower to fit together. 

He’s also turned the party whistles into mini-vases like this. 

He's quite proud of his idea!

These were all activities he did last Spring (24ish months). 

I think this would be a cute simple gift for him to give a little girl.  All girls love flowers! 🙂


One response to “Flower Vase

  1. That is fun! You should save the flowers for May Day and have your adorable son hand deliver them to all his girl friends.

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