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Easter Index 2011 page is up!

Check out the new Easter Index page and check out the fun activities I’ve discovered around the web.

ETA: Posting the list here before I delete the page.

Past Easter Egg Activities

Click on the pictures to take you to a description of the activities we did incorporating Easter eggs.

Grow Something!

This is something we did to celebrate J’s birthday last year.  He got to pick out some flowers at the store and then had some fun digging holes in the dirt, planting, filling, watering, getting dirty,… 

He planted flowers both in pots and in our front flower bed.  The potted plants didn’t do so well (I do NOT have a green thumb and had no clue what I was doing, apparently we planted way to many in the tiny pots!).  The flowers he planted in the garden did great!  All season long he could point out the flowers that he planted.  We will definitely do this again this year. 

Let your little ones help you this year as you refill your flower beds!

Age attempted: 24 months

Baby Break

I just thought I would hop on to say I’ll be taking a break for awhile from new posts.  We are currently waiting for #2 to show up… and he’s late!  Honestly I’m fine with that right now since our household is currently sick.  I’d rather bring him home to a family that isn’t contagious! 

I do have the Easter index set to post in a week and a few other posts scheduled, but things will definitely be slower for awhile.  Feel free to look through past posts to find lots of great activities and you can subscribe to my blog (on the right) so you know about any new posts.